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80+ Short Beach Quotes that You’ll Love

Sometimes all you’re looking for is a short and simple quote. When it comes to beach quotes, there are plenty of these! Short beach quotes are super popular, so luckily for you, you have a huge range to choose from! Although only a couple of words long, these quotes are great. Some of them are witty (yes, lots of puns), some are funny beach quotes, and some are inspirational or even thought-provoking.

I’ve created this list so that you have all the best short beach quotes right at your fingertips. I’ve even divided it into two separate sections; super-short beach quotes that are 4 words or less, and then just short beach quotes that are 8 words or less.

I always say that I love short quotes. It amazes me how with so few words, a quote can say so much. That’s why with a few of the below quotes I’ve included an explanation as to why I personally like them. These are just my personal opinions, but they might help you understand the quote better, or, simply enjoy it as much as I do!

Super Short Beach Quotes (4 words or less)

aerial photo of the beach with quote "high tides. good vibes"
seagulls flying on the beach with the quote "life's a beach"

So, you want short beach quotes? Well, I’ve got you! The next quotes are the shortest of short beach quotes. We are talking four words or less. These beach quotes are perfect if you are looking for an impactful quote with only a couple of words.

“High tides. Good vibes.” 

“Seashells > Snowflakes.” 

“Sand on, stress off.” 

“Shell-abrate good times.” 

“Resting beach face.” 

“Happy as a clam.” 

“I’m a true OceaanHolic!” 

“Sun Shine on my Mind” 

“Drown out pier pressure.” 

“Tis the sea-sun!” 

Why I love this quote: To me, this short beach quote is such a cute play on words. Based on the popular phrase “tis the season” which refers to Christmas, this quote has a beachy spin to it. I can see it as a cute beach caption for Instagram with a photo of someone wearing a Santa hat on the beach. Christmas at the beach, anyone?

“Just beachy.” 

“Sorry, I’m octopied.” 

“Stay salty, my friends.” 

“Life’s a beach.” 

beautiful beach with a palm tree and quote "stay wild, ocean child"
lady walking into the walk at the beach with the short quote "ocean air, salty hair"

“The beach is calling.” 

“Forever chasing sunsets.” 

“Feeling fintastic.” 

“Beach please.” 

“Long time, no sea.” 

“Aloha, beaches.” 

“Shell yeah!” 

“Stay wild, ocean child.” 

Why I love this quote: I see this beach quote describing a kid running on the beach. Children love the beach, and this quote describes that perfectly.

“Beautiful blue waves.” 

“It’s a shore thing.” 

“Mermaid vibes.” 

“Ocean Air, Salty hair.” 

Why I love this quote: The rhyme makes this quote sound super cute when you read it out loud!

funny beach quote "talk to the sand" on an image of sand
an aerial image of the beach with the funny caption "don't worry, beach happy"

“Sea you soon.” 

“Beach More – Worry Less.” 

“Keep calm and think of the beach.” 

“Talk to the sand.” 

“I need Vitamin SEA.” 

“Seas the day.” 

“Sun of a beach.” 


Quote Interpretation: In the Spanish language “siesta” is an afternoon nap usually taken during the hottest time of the day. This play-on-words refers to an afternoon nap by the sea – how clever!

“Beach you to it!” 

“Don’t worry, beach happy.” 

“Sea la vie.” 

Short Beach Quotes (4-8 Words)

aerial photo of the beach with quote "sea the beauty in life"
person walking on the beach with the quote "if you're not barefoot then you're overdressed"

These next short beach quotes have a little more substance than the last ones ranging from 4-8 words in length. Although still very short, these quotes have a few more words to add a little more detail to the quote. Like the super short ones, some are funny and some are serious. There is definitely a short beach quote for everyone on this list.

“Today, I decided to make waves.” 

“Memories are made in flip-flops.” 

“Sea the beauty in life.” 

“If you’re not barefoot, then you’re overdressed.” 

Why I love this quote: This quote reminds us to relax at the beach, no need for shoes or anything fancy – that’s why I love the beach!

“Beach is cheaper than therapy.” 

“Keep calm and beach on.” 

“Watch more sunsets than Netflix.” 

Why I love this quote: I truly agree with this quote. Enjoying a sunset is way better for the soul, and more entertaining, than Netflix ever could be.

“Happiness is a day at the beach.” 

“Life’s a beach, find your wave.” 

“True freedom is on the beach.” – Rosamund Pike. 

“Sky above, sand below, peace within.” 

“Dear Beach, I miss you everyday.” 

rocks on a white sandy beach with the short quote "beaches are god's poetry"
a rugged ocean coastline with the beach caption "B.E.A.C.H. Best escape anyone can have"

“Beaches are God’s poetry.” ― Steve Maraboli 

“Pretty sure my birthstone is a seashell.” 

Why I love this quote: A seashell is definitely not anybody’s true birthstone – which is why this is one of the funnier beach quotes. By saying it is though, is indicating you were born for the beach!

“Good times and tan lines.” 

“Life is better at the beach.” 

“Live life in a bikini.” 

“Beach rules… relax, unwind, enjoy.” 

“Every day should be a beach day.” 

“The best days are Beach days.” 

“You can never have too much beach.” 

“Sun, sand, and pineapple in hand.” 

“Set your clock to beach time.” 

“Life is simple: just add water.” 

“B.E.A.C.H.: Best Escape Anyone Can Have.” 

“Feeling stressed? There’s a beach for that.” 

“Taking an extra dose of Vitamin Sea.” 

Why I love this quote: The term “Vitamin Sea” is so witty. In fact, there are lots of great Vitamin Sea quotes that are worth checking out. This quote reminds us that a day at the beach will make you feel better, almost like a vitamin.

A house on the beach with the quote "life is short, buy the beach house"
A beachitul beach with palm trees with the quote "life is better with Vitamin Sea"

“Good selfies happen near the sea.” 

“Namast’ay at the beach.” 

“Here’s to good times and tan lines.” 

“The best therapy is beach therapy.” 

“Gone to the beach. Be back never.” 

“The beach is my happy place.” 

“You can never have too much beach.” 

“Currently pretending I’m at the beach. “ 

“Everything is better at the beach.” 

“Life is short. Buy the beach house.” 

Why I love this quote: This short beach quote reminds me to live in the moment and enjoy life. It makes me smile, and also makes me want to buy a beach house (a little tricky on a blogger salary – but a girl can dream, right?)

“Love You to the Beach and Back.” 

“At the beach life is different.” 

“No one likes a shady beach.” 

“I’m done adulting. Let’s be mermaids!” 

“99 problems but a beach ain’t one.” – based on Jay-Z 

“Life’s a beach, find your wave.” 

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